Kailua, Oahu

Kailua is in Honolulu County, Hawaii, in the Koʻolaupoko District of Oʻahu on the windward coast at Kailua Bay.  Kailua is 12 miles (19 km) northeast of Honolulu – over Nu‘uanu Pali. The population was 38,635 at the 2010.

Kailua means “two seas” or “two currents”, a contraction of the words kai (meaning “sea” or “sea water”) and ʻelua (meaning “two”); it is so named because of the two lagoons in the district or the two currents which run through Kailua Bay.

Kailua is primarily a residential community, with a centralized commercial district along Kailua Road. It has a compact, easy-to-shop business district surrounded by mostly single-family homes.  Places of interest in Kailua include Kailua Beach Park, Lanikai Beach, Kawai Nui Marsh, Maunawili Falls,] and the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii.


This website was created by a group of proud residents, volunteers and small business owners in Kailua who have worked many years in the community.  The goal is to work together to support a healthy community economy through education and marketing.  We also work closely with out community representatives and leaders.

Our social media community totals over 60,000 followers making us the number one Kailua Community Resource. This allows us to have our finger on the pulse of the community.  We act as gatekeepers, keeping balance with online conversations, promoting healthy and productive communication and connecting the community to resources and community leaders.

Our resources:

I Love Kailua ( facebook 9500 followers)

Reddit: r/kailua96734

Twitter: @goKailua



Co Managers Facebook pages: Kailua Beach, Lanikai Beach, Maunawili Falls Trail, Oahu Hawaii, and Hawaii Food Porn

A healthy sustainable balance for KAILUA with Aloha!

We love our community and hoped it would it would stay a secret for many years, afraid of too much development.  But word got out about our wonderful hidden treasure and we are now dealing with an influx of visitors.  Our goal us to help our community keep control and thrive in the best way we can, and that is through education, and strengthening our local economy to keep the dollars here, and give our residents and businesses a voice.

We were welcomed here, but Kailua belongs to us.  Kailua is evolving and changing, nothing is ever going to remain the same anywhere you go. We are all only on loan here in the islands; it’s not ours, or those visiting. Managing balance of our natural resources is our collective responsibility because we all have rights to co exist in this beautiful place.

The more Kailua grows, the more we work together, support our local businesses and keep an eye on what is being put out there online.  We have to love our town enough to put politics and egos aside. To stop inner conflicts, negativity and blaming.

Our 2015 goals:

    • Provide a business directory that benefits our local merchants and artists
    • Savings for Kailua residents and visitors
    • Assisting in fundraising for town events like Fireworks and the Parade
    • Fixing the Pohakapu fountain
    • Creating Kailua’s first community garden
    • Start a tree planting program to put back into the ground what is being taken out
    • Provide education to visitors to help reduce litter on our beaches and trails, help with traffic, parking and other issues affecting residents
    • Homeless outreach

  This is strictly a not for profit website, any revenue generated will go to the cost of maintenance of the website, and community causes such as the parade and fireworks.